Xan Medical Fitness aligns seamlessly with the therapy you’re undergoing at the Medical Clinic. Numerous individuals experience various types of pain, and we implement a highly efficient 4 Stage Recovery System.

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Back Pain Relief: Experience relief from back pain as we address misalignments, strengthen weak muscles, and release tension in tight ones.

Revitalize Your Knees: Let our physiotherapy restore strength to your knees, ensuring you can bend, squat, garden, and dance with ease once again!

Shoulder Wellness Program: Discover the effectiveness of our shoulder program, providing increased range of motion from the very first visit. Improved function and better sleep await those committed to the program!

Five Years of Success: Over the past five years, we’ve aided hundreds in overcoming shoulder, back, hip, and knee pain. Our expertise lies in correcting muscle imbalances and restoring biomechanical function, catering to diverse body types, from Olympic athletes to retirees.

Our Mission: We aim to help you regain strength and mobility, often receiving referrals from Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Massage therapists. From head to toe, we identify the root cause of pain and dysfunction, creating personalized programs for elimination.

Beyond Exercise: Our approach extends beyond exercise; we ensure your body is aligned before guiding you through a tailored program to strengthen weaknesses and alleviate pain. Additionally, you’ll benefit from targeted stretching, massage, and light therapy to accelerate muscle recovery.

Three-Step Process:

  1. Realignment: Prioritize skeletal structure and joint realignment through stretching, gentle manipulation, and targeted movement.
  2. Corrective Exercise: Strengthen imbalanced muscles after alignment, awakening dormant ones and restoring balance.
  3. Assisted Stretching: Post-workout, focus on stretching overly strong muscles to reduce soreness and speed up recovery.

Your Pain Timeline: Whether you’re experiencing acute pain, in recovery, or ready to restore fitness, we have a personalized plan for you.

Acute Pain Care: Address sharp, stabbing, or shooting pain urgently to avoid resorting to pain pills or surgery.

Recovery Care: For those in recovery, tackle dull aches and periodic pain with sessions twice a week until strength recovers.

Fitness Recovery: Ready to restore fitness and energy? Experience sessions once a week as you gradually return to full strength.

Medical Fitness Consultation: Schedule a consultation with Alan to discuss your concerns and history, exploring therapeutic options tailored to your needs.